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The PMP 2021 is now not only about the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition but also includes tons of new concepts around interpersonal skills as well as a lot of material around Agile.

This means that there are much more concepts to master, learn and recall at a moment’s notice. How can you develop such a massive recallable instant memory without mugging up and without getting stressed out. The answer is the Comprehensive set of flash cards provided by PM-Pulse. These flash cards provided are so comprehensive that in total there are 747 Flash cards provided in a guided format in this video package. By far the most comprehensive Flash Cards in the entire Industry.


Category 1: General Flash Cards – All important definitions, concepts and formulas that are very popular with the PMP Exams.

Category 2: Agile Flash Cards - All important things about Agile.

Category 3: ITTOs – Every important ITTO for PMP exams covered

Category 4: What Process Are They Talking About – Flash cards dedicated to help you identify the process by reading the scenario questions correctly.

All these categories in two speeds, Normal and Speedy.

A total of 747 flash cards.

Created by a person who has over 25,600 certified persons to his personal credit.

The most comprehensive “Flash Cards” in the industry.


•Innovative ways of teaching to make it easy for the candidates

• Focus on “Understanding” and not “Mugging Up”.
• Complete and comprehensive coverage.
• Most comprehensive material in the industry.
• Instead of dumping a bunch of material on the candidates asking them to go through them, we provide all material and guide you through it in a way that removes any kind of       stress.
• Each concept explained practically and with examples.
• Engaging and Innovative techniques (like Ninja Drills) to ensure that you are able to recall the most important concepts at a moment’s notice and that too accurately.
• Approach to answering PMP Questions explained.
• Tons of Review Questions in a guided format.
• 2 Sets of 180 Questions which are very similar to the real exams with proper explanation as well as the logic behind certain kinds of questions.
• Entire course replete with tips and tricks.
• PMP Experts since 2006
• Over 42,500 Certified through PM-Pulse




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