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The PMP [2022 onwards] is now not only about the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition but also includes 7th Edition, Agile Standard, Organizational Change Management as well as other standards and references from PMI. 

This means that there are much more concepts to master, learn and recall at a moment’s notice. How can you develop such a massive recallable instant memory without mugging up and without getting stressed out. The answer is the Comprehensive set of flash cards provided by PM-Pulse. These flash cards provided are so comprehensive that in total there are 690 Flash cards in this package. By far the most comprehensive Flash Cards in the entire Industry.

These Flash Cards can help you react even to scenario questions faster and accurately. 


Category 1: General Flash Cards – All important definitions, concepts and formulas that are very popular with the PMP Exams.

Category 2: Methodology - All important things about all pertinent Methodologies applicable to project management.

Category 3: Models, Methods and Techniques – These days the exams is focused on important models, method, techniques as well as some artefacts. All of these that are popular in the PMP Exams are present here.

A total of 690 flash cards.

Created by a person who has over 26,800 certified persons to his personal credit.

The most comprehensive “Flash Cards” in the industry.

• Innovative ways of teaching to make it easy for the candidates
• Focus on “Understanding” and not “Mugging Up”.
• Complete and comprehensive coverage.
• Most comprehensive material in the industry.
• Instead of dumping a bunch of material on the candidates asking them to go through them, we provide all material and guide you through it in a way that removes any kind of stress.
• These Flash Cards provide not just basic information but also information that will help you solve scenario based questions.
• PMP Experts since 2006

Over 42,500 Certified through PM-Pulse


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