PMP Clinic has 22 Episodes. Each of the episodes will help you understand some of the grossly misunderstood topics on PMP, chiefly because of the way they are taught by other courses and books. Each episode would have different pricing (from USD 5 to USD 10) depending on the complexity of the topic, duration involved and the extent it needs to get completed. Each episode will explain the topic in question in such a way that it would be hard for you to forget. Not only this, each episode would also discuss PMP Exams questions with varying levels of difficulties to show you how to approach such questions. Each episode would end with a "Important notes, Tips and Tricks and important definitions" that will help you ace PMP exams as far as the topic under discussion. Choose from the topics below as well as the schedule and register for the ones that you need.
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Hi there PMP Aspirants. PMP - WEbinarWEekdays are a free webinar series with 25 episodes. They are all targeted for each of you to point you in the right direction when it comes to PMP Exams. Each episode would be just 1 hrs long and would be held on scheduled dates on Weedays evenings. To check the entire schedule and the topics covered please visit

These webinars would be run by someone who has 27+ yrs of Industry experience as well has just over 22,500 certified professionals to his personal credit. Project Management is my passion and hence I bring to you the most authentic material and content in bit-sized free webinar episodes to guide you towards PMP Certification Excellence. And above all, remove the unnecessary fears and wrong information pumped into your thinking by the scores of training and books on this subject.

Check out the schedule of the topic that you need and just register for the same. All you have to do is show up and leave the rest to me.
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