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Schedule is by far the biggest reason for conflicts in project environment around the planet. I learned it the hard way and never ever forgot it since. Here is a story about how people react when you do not involve them in Scheduling and just hand-over a pre-prepared scheduled to the team. Category
Different professionals and organizations tend to have different meanings of the term "Program" and this difference in understanding leads to "Difference in Planning and Execution". This is a huge problem. In this video I clarify the exact meaning of the term "Program" from a "Real World' perspective so that professionals understand what exactly is a "Program" and hence everything associated with programs.
The productivity of the team, and hence the rest of the organization, goes up once the Managers and Project Managers adopt and enforce the culture of leaving on time. A lot of people feel that aggressive schedule can only be met using "Extended day" for the team members. This is mostly not true. Barring "Emergency" situations, this habit of "Working Late in Office" is one of the most counterproductive habit, if not outright dangerous. Understand the logical reason why the "culture of leaving on time" mostly produces "Win-Win" Situation.
One of the biggest challenges facing the IT world (even more now as IT world increasingly adopts the Agile Methodologies) is the fact that hardly any organization does "Software Sizing". Almost all organizations just use "Effort Estimation" and mistakenly confuse it with the "Project Size". Understand the difference between Software Sizing and Effort Estimation and thus understand how devastating it is for the Projects in particular and the IT Organization in general.
There is a big difference between "Organizational Politics" and "Manipulations". Being politically aware is a good and necessary thing. Its part of your leadership skills. However when in the guise of Politics you end up conducting Manipulation, that is a bad or deplorable thing. Hence knowing the difference between the two would mean the difference between "Doing your job" and "Being unethical".
Intercultural issues is one of the largest hurdles facing global teams, virtual or otherwise. The biggest problem is that people do not understand the "foundations" of cultural acceptance. In this video an attempt is made to introduce and clarify the "Foundation" pillar for CULTURAL ACCEPTANCE, leading to enhanced productivity and quality of life.
This is a recurring problem where a younger project professional's efforts in project planning are thwarted by the "Old-Timer" Senior Managers. This video tries to answer this frustrating question as to "Why do the older managers just do not understand about effective planning in Projects?
As Usual PM Raw dispels all myths around the (most abused term) concept of "LEADERSHIP". What it truly means and what it actually entails from a real world perspective. This is done by comparing the term "Leadership" with "Managerialship". You will be surprised to know the true meaning of this term and how any one of us can acquire this skill and become a lot more effective in the real world. This video also dispels the amazingly stupid "Romance" unnecessarily and excessively created around the term "Leadership", globally.
Video explaining the difference between PROJECTS and OPERATIONS and immense practical relevance of knowing the difference between the two in the real world.
A raw "no-nonsense" video on the real reason why Project Management has been gaining importance since the last decade and will continue to garner even more importance in the times to come.
One of the biggest reason why projects fail is because of difference in understanding project management terms and the excessive use of Jargons in workplace. Know the difference between "Standard Terms" and "Jargons" and also, the Reason why you should NEVER use Jargons.
After conducting a full round of "Nelson Mandela Feedback Chain", Maneesh Vijaya provided a detailed debrief to the participants from 4 different countries. The result from the participants was instantaneous accolades. Our sessions link everything with reality and make you effective in the "Real World" and not just in the class-room.
Maneesh Vijaya has authored a book on PMP that is by far the most interesting and comprehensive book on PMBOK Guide, ever. This book clarifies all the aspects in such a way that they are easy to understand and hard to forget. Unlike the other boring book, this book has over 800 hand-drawn illustrations and tons of examples. A book that is hard to put down. Your best bet for PMP Exams.
It is very disheartening to see so many books and training that simply ask PMP Candidates to "Cram" or "Mug Up" concepts. This approach is not only painful but also error prone. At PM-Pulse we do it differently. We explain the concept so well that you find it very easy to remember and recall. Its about understanding and logic. Watch this video to see how we train.
PM Dhwani the Audio platform on Project Management is currently loaded with 129 Crystal Clear Audios that cover every possible aspects of PMP based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition. This platform, that works on cell phones as well, allows to listen to and revise the PMP Preparation Material any time and anywhere and contains the most authentic material on PMP anywhere.
Any training from PM-Pulse are highly interactive and involving. Check this video out to see for yourself.
PM-Pulse is dedicated to explain each of the concepts practically, clearly and in such a manner that participants never forget. Imagine an entire session where each and every Project Management concept are explained in such a manner. Just imagine the amount of knowledge and confidence that you will walk out with.
The PMBOK Guide 6th Edition by PMI was launched on September 6th, 2017. Here are some of the broad level changes that have been inculcated in this new version of PMBOK.
Risk Management - Let us understand exactly what are "Project Risks".