Risky PM (PMI – RMP®) Course

Power-packed engagement for PMI - RMP® Certification


Course No: RMPCER 01
Duration: 4 Days
Credits: 30 PDUs

Graduates only. With 3,000 hrs of Project Risk related experience
Course Level

Intermediate to Advanced
Course Overview
Risky PM is an intensive and practical power-house of a training on Project Management with specific focus on “Risk Management” as per the best practices mentioned in the Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 5th Edition and the Practice Standards For Risk Management from PMI USA leading to the PMI – RMP (Risk Management Professional). A practically enriching training that makes you super specialized in the field of Risk Management irrespective of the domain or industry. This course includes every thing that you would need to Understand Risk Management, Prepare for the Exams and Successfully Clear the Exams. This course is replete with exercises and games to help retention of concepts and conducted in a casual and humorous nature to dispel the stress that may result from the intensity of the subject. 
Who should attend?
Managers, Risk Professionals, Project Managers, Project Professionals, Project Leaders, Departmental Heads, Portfolio Managers, Sr. Managers, Construction Engineers, Manufacturing Professionals, Service Industry Professionals, and any one who is connected to projects of any kind and industry and also have about 3,000 hrs of project related experience.
Performance Focus
  • Practical overview and basic understanding in Risk Management
  • Advanced understanding on Risks and how to handle them.
  • Industry independence in risk management
  • Help create an army of professionals specialized in Risk Management
  • Training by professionals who have actually worked on various kinds of projects and in various domains. Practice over theory approach.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of exams
  • Minimum time and preparation to sit for the exams
What You Will Learn
  • Ability to handle complex and projects with higher risks or projects in high risk environment
  • Implement a practical, and process oriented approach to manage project risk
  • Identify threats and opportunities and determine their relative value to your project
  • Control multiple risks using concise strategies
  • Overcome psychological barriers to risk in stakeholders and team members
  • Make risk and opportunity integral components of your next project plan
Training Content and Basic Outline of the course

Foundations of Risk

  • Definition and characteristics of “risk”
  • Elements and factors of risk
  • Types of risk
  • Components of risk management
  • Risk factors specific to IT projects


Planning for Risk Management

and Identifying Risks

  • Risk management planning
  • Risk identification
  • Idea generation tools and techniques


Analysis Fundamentals

  • Probability and impact
  • Presenting risk
  • Probability analysis


Analyzing and Prioritizing Risk

  • Analyzing risks and impact
  • Establishing and evaluating profitability
  • Risk-based financial tools and techniques
  • Expected-value analysis
  • Decision trees
  • Probability analysis
  • Risks vs. opportunities
  • Prioritizing risks


Planning Responses to Risk

  • Risk response strategies for threats (avoid, transfer, mitigate and accept)
  • Risk response strategies for opportunities (accept, enhance, share, exploit)
  • Establishing reserves


Execution, Evaluation and Update

  • Risk response monitoring and controlling
  • Execute risk strategies
  • Contingency plans and workarounds
  • Risk evaluation
  • Reassessing risk
  • Risk documentation



  • Closing out the risk process
  • Expectations of the project [risk] manager