Estimation Guru

The Four-Day Ultimate Training On Total Software Estimation


Course No: ITETGUR
Duration: 4 Days
Credits: 32 PDUs

Good understanding of IT software development and decent understanding of software estimation.<...
Course Level

Intermediate to Advanced
Course Overview
PM-Pulse, is proud to bring to you the very First-of-its-kind and the last word in Software Estimation discipline, the four day Total Software Estimation (Estimation Guru); covering all the tools and techniques practically used in software estimating and relevant today. This comprehensive engagement covers all aspects of the pertinent and practical Software Estimation methodologies along with their respective tradeoffs. This course is for experienced professionals and should have used some estimation process. One does not have had to go through “Estimation Ninja” to attend this as this course covers the contents of Estimation Ninja and more. This engagement is replete with “Real to life” case studies and exercises to put the knowledge to the test in a group work environment. The training is conducted in a casual and humorous environment and delivery style to ensure retention and dispel any kind of topical stress.
Who should attend?
  • Business development managers
  • IT Business heads and cost heads
  • IT Managers, IT Project Leaders, and IT Project/Program Managers
  • Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, and other IT professionals who are responsible for estimating and / or validating estimates
  • IT PMO and other such central project management bodies
  • Quality professionals in the IT environment
Performance Focus
  • To arm you with all the tools and techniques on software estimation in such a way that you are able to take a scientific decision about which technique to use when and why.
  • To enable you to be in the forefront of all estimation exercises and for solving complex estimation issues faced in your organization.
  • To empower you with knowledge and tricks that keeps you miles ahead of the rest of the pack.
  • To enrich your skill set such that you are able to eye for and get into higher roles and opportunities.
  • To make you completely understand the full dimensions and factors affecting software estimation with flawless understanding of what techniques fit in where.
What You Will Learn
  • Every single method of software estimation and sizing and their tradeoff
  • The common mistakes of software estimation
  • Various methods of legitimate software estimation
  • Software sizing using Function Points and Full Function Points
  • Converting sizing to effort estimation
  • Converting effort estimation to scheduling
  • Function Point, Use Case Counting, Quick FP, FFP, Wide Band Delphi, WBS Method, Lines Of Code, Backfiring, Productivity Charts, Three Point, Analogous, COCOMO and Object point. 
Training Content and Basic Outline of the course

Full Understanding Of Estimation Itself 

  • Estimation Blockers 
  • Estimation Bloopers 
  • Famous Goof-ups 
  • Common Estimation Omissions 
  • Practical Considerations 
  • Some eye opening historical estimation statistics 
  • Estimating quick and fast – PROBE method


  • Lines Of Codes (LOC) 
  • Use Case estimations 
  • Function Point Estimations – With all variants and (IFPUG4.2) 
  • FP Extensions – FFP and COSMIC 
  • WBS Method 
  • Estimation for documents and manuals 
  • Estimation for testing and test cases 
  • Estimating Reporting Requirement 
  • Estimating Quality Assurance Activities


  • PERT 
  • Wide Band Delphi 
  • COCOMO – II 
  • Multiple Bonus Topics

 Estimation To Efforts and Schedule

  • Productivity and effort calculations
  • Efforts allocation to Scheduling

 Engagement End and Recap