IT Project Fundamentals

Paving your way through the IT project environment


Course No: ITPMFUN01
Duration: 2 Days
Credits: 16 PDUs

Involved in any way with IT projects.
Course Level

Basic / Foundational / Fundamental
Course Overview
The field of IT and Telecomm is getting challenging day by day and the project staff must arm themselves with apt knowledge and skills to take on these challenges. Over and above the knowledge and the skills of the project managers, all other project team members’ skills vis-à-vis the IT project work is equally important contributing factor to overall success. This is a basic course on IT project and is meant for new project managers as a first step and for each and every professionals who contribute to the projects. The range of activities required of a new project manager and the project team members has greatly increased, as well as the range of people with whom they interact. This workshop enables you to minimize the problems inherent in managing a systems development project.  Organizations gain a lot of mileage by ensuring that all their project staff speak the same language and follow the best practices. This engagement is replete with foundational case studies and scenario and exercises to put the knowledge to the test in a group work environment. The training is conducted in a casual and humorous environment and delivery style to ensure retention and dispel any kind of topical stress.
Who should attend?
This Project Management engagement is designed for (but not limited to):
  • Information technology professionals
  • Product managers
  • Project managers
  • Cross functional team supporting IT projects
  • QA and QC staff
  • IT maintenance staff who undertake enhancement work
  • Systems and software developers
  • Systems analysts and IT managers
  • Business people who are involved in IT projects
Performance Focus
  • To arm you with overall understanding of IT project management
  • Awareness to the common mistakes made
  • Generate practical understanding towards IT project complexities
  • Best practices affecting the IT project environment
  • Practical, systematic approach to managing IT projects along with project management skills and concepts
  • Realistic planning and control, along with other project management activities, to maximize the probability of project success 
  • You will leave the program with a workable plan of action for managing IT projects effectively – and the skills needed to make the plan succeed
What You Will Learn
  • Articulate the benefit of using a project management methodology, processes, and various life cycles for IT projects
  • Articulate on various standards and maturity models that provide benefits to performing organizations that manage IT projects
  • Describe governance, gating, and the processes required for project origination
  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis and describe its benefits throughout the project life cycle
  • Gather good requirements, develop a work breakdown structure (WBS), and establish a baseline project plan
  • Execute against the baseline project plan while managing change and configuration items
  • Monitor and control the project activities using the baseline project plan and earned value management concepts
  • Close the project by conducting scope verification, procurement audits, gathering lessons learned, archiving project records, and releasing resources
Training Content and Basic Outline of the course

Getting Started

  • Course goal
  • Course structure
  • Course goals and objectives

Foundation Concepts

  • Key definitions and concepts
  • Methodologies, processes, and project life cycles
  • Project success factors and the benefits of standards and models 

Project Originating and Initiating

  • Originating projects
  • Initiating projects

Planning Stakeholder Engagement and Human Resources Management

  • Planning stakeholder engagement
  • Planning human resources management
  • Developing effective leadership skills

Planning Scope and Quality Management

  • Planning project scope
  • Planning project quality

Planning Time Management

  • Planning project time
  • Identifying schedule activities
  • Sequencing schedule activities
  • Estimating activity resources and time
  • Developing project schedule
  • Optimizing the project schedule

Planning Risk and Cost Management

  • Planning for project risks
  • Planning project costs
  • Estimating project costs
  • Developing a project budget

Planning Communication and Procurement Management

  • Planning project communications
  • Planning project procurements

Project Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing

  • Project executing
  • Project monitoring and controlling
  • Project closing