PM Launch 2 – CAPM® Course

Power-packed engagement for CAPM® Certification based on PMBOK Guide 5th Edition


Course No: CAPMKA02
Duration: 2 to 3 Days
Credits: 24 PDUs

Graduates no experience required. Diploma holders need 1,500 hrs experience
Course Level

Basic to Intermediate. Available on LiveWire©
Course Overview
PM Launch -2  is an intensive and practical power-house of a training on Project Management as per the best practices mentioned in the Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 5th Edition from PMI, USA leading to the CAPM Certification from PMI. At PM-Pulse we have mastered the art of linking everything from a Practical standpoint and make people highly effective in their real world.  Passing the exams is only a side effect. This course will prove to be a very powerful “First Step” in your Project Management Journey. This course includes every thing that you would need to Understand Project Management, Prepare for the Exams and Successfully Clear the Exams. This course is replete with exercises and games to help retention of concepts and conducted in a casual and humorous nature to dispel the stress that may result from the intensity of the subject. 
Who should attend?
Managers and project team members, students at the graduate or undergraduate level, and/or entry level practitioners, as well as anyone who has an expressed interest in project management as a career or wants to improve their effectiveness in a project management environment.
Performance Focus
  • Practical overview and basic understanding in Project Management
  • Clear and basic understanding of PMBOK Guide 5th Edition
  • Generate the ability, agility and confidence to attempt and clear CAPM® exams
  • Help individuals become practically effective in supporting project initiatives
  • Help create an army of Project ready individuals who can scale up to handle projects
  • Training by professionals who have actually worked on various kinds of projects and in various domains. Practice over theory approach.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of exams
  • Minimum time and preparation to sit for the exams
What You Will Learn
  • The 10 Knowledge Areas of Project Management
  • The 5 Process Groups of Project Management
  • Overview of the 47 processes
  • Framework of Project Management
  • Selected terms and definitions of PMBOK Guide 5th Edition
  • How to prepare and appear for the exams
  • How to support projects in the Real world
  • Confident start in Project Management 
Training Content and Basic Outline of the course

Project Management Framework

  • Definitions
  • Project management integrated system
  • Project life cycles and progressive elaboration
  • Project stakeholders
  • PMBOK®  process groups
  • PMBOK® knowledge areas
  • PMBOK® process model


Project Integration Management

  • Defining project success
  • Competing demands
  • Project sponsor role
  • Integrated planning
  • Project selection methods
  • Develop project charter
  • Project Management Information System (PMIS)
  • Develop project management plan
  • Key project planning deliverables
  • Direct and manage project work
  • Monitor and control project work
  • Perform integrated change control
  • Change control system
  • Configuration management
  • Close project or phase


Project Scope Management

  • Plan scope management
  • Collect requirements
  • Define scope
  • Create work breakdown structure
  • Decomposition
  • Hierarchical view – WBS
  • Work package relationship to cost accounts
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
  • Validate scope
  • Control scope
  • Developing a change control process
  • Managing scope creep


Project Time Management

  • Plan time management
  • Define activities
  • Sequence activities
  • Precedence relationships
  • Estimate activity resources
  • Estimate activity durations
  • Estimating approaches
  • Develop schedule
  • Techniques: Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Critical chain technique
  • Critical chain key elements
  • Schedule compression techniques
  • Reserve


Project Cost Management

  • Plan cost management
  • Estimate costs
  • Estimating checklist
  • Standard project estimating
  • Determine budget
  • Cost baseline – defined
  • Control costs
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)


Project Quality Management

  • Definition of quality
  • Quality terms
  • Project quality management
  • Plan quality
  • Seven basic quality management tools
  • Quality assurance
  • Control quality
  • Quality management and control tools


Project Human Resource Management

  • Organizational influences
  • Characteristics of organizational structures
  • Plan human resource management
  • Staffing management plan
  • Acquire project team
  • Develop project team
  • Manage project team
  • Stages of team building
  • Team leadership
  • Principles of leadership


Project Communication Management           

  • Plan communications management
  • Communication requirements analysis
  • Manage communications
  • Typical communication styles
  • Communication dimensions
  • Control communications


Project Risk Management

  • Plan risk management
  • Identify project risks (both positive and negative)
  • Perform qualitative risk analysis
  • Perform quantitative risk analysis
  • Plan risk responses (both positive and negative)
  • Monitor and control risk


Project Procurement Management

  • Plan procurements
  • Types of contracts and risks
  • Calculating contract cost
  • Conduct procurements
  • Types of procurement documents
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Elements of a contract
  • Common forms of contracts
  • Control procurements
  • Close procurements


Project Stakeholder Management

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Stakeholder register
  • Stakeholder assessment
  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Issue logs
  • Manage stakeholder engagement
  • Control stakeholder engagement


PMP® Exam Review

  • The CAPM® certification process
  • CAPM® eligibility requirements
  • The CAPM® credential examination
  • Getting prepared