Insight into Project 2007 (Standalone Version)

Knowledge and skills to build, and control well-formed project plans


Course No: MSP-001
Duration: 2 Days
Credits: 14 PDUs / 1.4 CEUs

A familiarity with key management concepts and terminology is recommended as well as basic Windows navigation skills and ...
Course Level

Course Overview
Achieving effective project management is a very difficult task, particularly if there are a large number of projects going on at any one time. Monitoring, these projects is crucial if effective project management is to be achieved. This can happen through Microsoft Project.
Who should attend?
This course is suitable for people who are required to create and run project plans
Performance Focus
This course is ideal for those needing to gain a comprehensive introduction into the use of Project. Knowledge of this program will allow effective monitoring and analysis of the schedule, performance and cost of various projects in a quick and easy to understand format.
What You Will Learn
  • Create a well-formed project scheduled
  • Assign resources to task
  • Understand task types and the schedule formula
  • Analyze resource utilization
  • Track progress
  • Customize ad format Microsoft Project view
  • Create project reports and analyze project, resource and task data
  • Manage multiple projects
Training Content and Basic Outline of the course

Getting Started with Microsoft Office Project 2007

  • Understanding the nature of projects
  • Discovering Office Project 2007
  • Understanding Project file types
  • Navigation the Project interface
  • Getting help and guidance
  • Configuring option

Creating and Defining Projects

  • Creating and saving projects
  • Defining properties and options
  • Creating and organizing the tasks list.
  • Importing data
  • Modifying and applying calendars.
  • Setting scheduling option

Working with Estimates and Dependencies

  • Entering task estimates
  • Using a PERT Analysis to estimate task durations
  • Linking and unlinking tasks using the Gantt chart and Network diagram views
  • Adding lag or lead-time to a linked task

Working with Deadlines, Constrains, and Task Calendars

  • Introduction Deadlines, constrains, and task calendars
  • Creating and modifying deadlines, constrains and task calendars
  • Identifying critical tasks
  • Working with task drivers

Working with Resources

  • Introduction resources, assignments and budgeting
  • Adding resources to the resource sheet
  • Creating and modifying resource assignments
  • Entering project budgets

Understanding Task Types and the Schedule Formula

  • Introduction to task types and the schedule formula
  • Changing variables and predicting behavior
  • Applying task types to produce predictable behavior

Analyzing Resource Utilization

  • Introducing resource utilization concepts
  • Applying views and tables to analyze resource utilization
  • Applying filters and groups to analyze resource utilization
  • Managing resource availability
  • Optimizing and leaving resource assignments

Tracking Progress

  • Working with baselines and tracking scenarios
  • Entering duration updates, work updates and cost updates
  • Discovering variances
  • Trouble shooting and getting back on track

Customizing and Formatting

  • Formatting screen elements
  • Creating and modifying templates, calendars, fields, tables, formulas, filters, and custom views

Creating Reports

  • Selecting, editing, and creating basic reports.
  • Annotating Gantt Charts
  • Configuring print and page setup options.
  • Exporting reporting data

Managing Multiple Projects

  • Introducing management and multiple projects
  • Creating links between projects
  • Creating single paths
  • Saving and opening multiple projects
  • Sharing resources and analyzing resource utilization across multiple projects

Recap & Closing