Empire State Building Project

Imagine a world when sophisticated electronic tools did not exist. Imagine a time when the world was plunged into the darkness of a global financial crash called the “Great Depression”. Imagine a time when a person lost all his money in one mistaken investment and then imagine, that from within all this rose the tallest building of the world that had 102 floors and was completed in just under 14 months. A rate of speed of construction that is unrivalled in today’s highly technical world. The Empire State Building is not only a great place to visit or photograph but also a place from where one could take away some of the best Project Management Lessons that were so ahead of their times that they are relevant even today.

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Boeing Dreamliner 787 – A Shattered Dream

When it was “Finally” launched in 2012 (already 5 yrs. behind original schedule) everyone thought that it would change the way the world flew and allow airlines to save a lot of money transporting people and goods across the planet on the Dreamliner 787 series, which were touted to be 20% more fuel efficient and with higher carrying capacity. The launch was so amazing that it was actually launched by none other than the US president (Obama) himself.

However in 2013 the entire fleet of Dreamliners 787 were grounded. It never recovered from that.

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Kumbh Mela 2019 Project

Imagine a temporary city that sprawls over an area of 1,936.56 hectares, created on the sandy banks of one of the largest River Confluence in the world, that lasts for exactly 55 days where 155 million people showed up from 102 different countries, and during those 55 days of the largest human gathering on the planet which is even visible from space, where not even a single life is lost or suffer grave hurt and the entire city is created in just 4 months and dismantled in one.

If you can imagine all that, just imagine the odds stacked against the team that does the project management for such a feat.  

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Iridium Satellite Communication System Service

Among the series of blogs on those projects that made it to the “Worst Projects Ever, List of PM-Pulse”, this blog presents the amazingly badly done project undertaken in the early 80’s and 90’s to provide global communication service without any ground installations like wires, station houses and towers, with anyone, anywhere in the world. A project that took 13 yrs and USD 6 Billion to make, but only took 9 months for it make the company go bankrupt. Here is a looking at what really went wrong with this project.  

Lockheed's SR - 71 Project

Among the series of blogs on those projects that made it to the “Best Projects List of PM-Pulse”, this blog presents the amazing project undertaken in the early 60s to produce the most revolutionary military aircraft in the world called the “Blackbird” SR – 71. The project saw unprecedented success in those days when there were absolutely no digital crunching power and no kind of software modelling or scheduling whatsoever. And yet, they produced something that was revolutionary even by today’s standards. Read more to see what is it that they did.

Precision, Accuracy, Excellence

Some of the most often used words in quality circles as well as in the general management and project management, are also the most misunderstood and abused words. The misunderstanding of these concepts has direct consequences on quality, in particular, and understanding of the work at hand, in general. We delve into this world of misunderstanding to emerge with clarity on these terms, in this blog.

The Curse Of Jargons

One of the biggest diseases that is suffocating and killing clarity in management world (including Project Management) is the incessant use of “Jargons”.

One of the top most reasons why projects fail is “Difference In understanding of management language”, and now on top of that people are using Jargons. Visit this blog to understand more.

The Real Expense Of Cheap Training

This blog delves into the concept of the parameters selected by various organizations to select their training partners and how often they end up selecting training partners mainly on cost. Concept explained through two real world stores (names changed).

PMP® and Reality

Yey! Hoorah! Congratulations ….you are now a Certified Project Management Professional from PMI, USA. You worked hard and you gave up some of your pastimes to prepare and get through the exams. You held your cool during the 4 hrs of grueling exams and you PASSED……. Whew.

Take a week to enjoy and bask in the new found glory while it lasts …as the real challenge has just begun.

What is “Emotional Intelligence”?

The last century was all about Intelligence and IQ. Over the years it has become more than clear that “Intelligence” is swept aside and rendered impotent by the EQ or the lack of it. This article explores and explains exactly what Emotional Intelligence is all about.